Must have apps for your Android device

Must have apps for your Android device :- There’s no lack of incredible applications on the Google Play Store however what are the applications you ought to introduce when you set up another Android device ? That is a question we as a whole face every now and then. Without a doubt, you introduce the prevalent applications like WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and so on however shouldn’t something be said about the other basic applications? Indeed, don’t stress, we have curated a rundown of the 6-7 must applications for your Android device that you ought to introduce and we sure that, these app will find you useful and will keep them long time :

1) All backup restore

This app is best for backup your important contacts, photos, apps, SMS, call logs, bookmarks and calendars. Replace your system’s backup app with it. You can easily save your backup data to drop box / Google Drive . You can change backup path, if app is installed in internal storage. User can also take the backup of applications automatically. Notifies the total space and available free space of the device at top of the screen .

2) Dataeye

DataEye saves you mobile data and battery by letting you manage your mobile data traffic. App based data usage control ( monitors data-heavy background  traffic ). Unwanted background data drains your phone’s battery. By putting you in charge of your data usage it significantly increase your phone’s battery life. Manage your data balance easily with the help of this app.

3) Fast charging pro – Ad free

Fast Charging Pro is an Android app Which helps to Charge your phone Faster. With Fast Battery charging app you can charge your phone upto 6x faster in comparison with normal charging. This app has some features like killing background tasks for recharge battery fast of your phone in fast way and save your time. So you can enjoy fast charging with your old charger and old phone.

4) EyeFilter

This application protects smartphone users from bluelight exposure, causing insomnia and amblyopia. Prevents the screen from radiating bluelight . You can easily access and change the usage setting with widget function. Adjust the opacity by double clicking the widget. Contains a variety of themes and altering function of notifications. And much more customizable options. You will never uninstall this app after realise the all functions and features.

5) Hibernation Manager

Android devices are intended to work constantly, notwithstanding when you don’t utilize them ! Hibernation Manager helps you to spare battery when you don’t utilize your device. At the point when the screen goes off, it rests processor of your device (CPU), settings and even applications to spare your battery control. Pick which settings will be naturally incapacitated when your screen is OFF and empowered when your screen is ON. Its same with all applications. It helps to charge fast your mobile and save the battery life.

6) ES file explorer

Best application to manage all your data from storage. It has best alternative for File manager. Contains various functions like recycle bin, cloud, locker and more. You can backup any app easily at one place. Analyze large files and manage them from ES file explorer. Logger function will notify you the arriving of any new file. Use cool black theme by unlocking it. Easily manage your files just like you do on your PC or laptop using Multiple Select, Cut or Copy-Paste, Move, Create, Delete, Rename, Search, Share, Send, Hide, Create Shortcut and Bookmarks.

Above list of Must have applications for android is looking too short, isn’t it ? Which applications would increase this list ? Do you know ? Let’s reveal them !


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