Mobile data connection not working ? 100% solution is here !

Mobile data connection not working ? Solution : Facing issues, when connecting with the internet on your Android device ? Is the mobile data on your phone not working ? So, You are searching for a few recommendations to get your mobile phone’s internet working appropriately again. You are at right place now. This article is precisely what you’re searching for as it records some basic reasons why this can occur on an Android device and even better it gives some counsel on how you can recover your mobile data up and running once more.

Following Possible reasons to be checked

Network circle changed
Weak network
SIM properly not placed
Frequency error of device (Signal catching )

What is the solutions for this issue ?

1) Weak signal strength

If your cell phone only shows less than three bars of service then chances are your cell phone will not be able to connect or stay connected to its mobile internet. Have a go at moving to an area where you can get more than 3 bars of signal strength on your android device and afterward have a go at getting to your data connection works once more. On the off chance that this issue perseveres, even with at least 3 bars of network signal, then we should investigate some other conceivable causes.

2) Same problem in other devices

In the event that other individuals appear to encounter similar issues with the internet on their cell phones then possibilities are there is an issue with the network operator service in your area and you ought to contact your network operator to ensure that they know about this issue.

3) Airplane Mode

This setting is really intended to stop the correspondences between your phone and its network service. So empower it for a few seconds and deactivate again and your device will search for new accessible networks. Now enable data connection after fully searched network to connect your device to internet.

4) Try rebooting device

Rebooting your Android device ought to be one of the primary things to do when attempting to settle an issue on your phone as it can fathom numerous minor programming glitches hiccups and additionally bugs. So simply ahead and control your android device off for a moment and after that power it back on and afterward test your data connection.

5) Check your limit

Numerous new android phones permit you to set a point of confinement on how much data your phone is permitted to utilize. This can be a valuable and capable device that can help keep you from accidently going over on your mobile data arrange.
If “Limit mobile data usage” option is enabled then look at the data usage statistics on that screen and see if your usage has reached the set limit ( usually 2GB ). If this has happened or the “Limit mobile data usage” option is selected then go ahead and deactivate it.

6) APN settings

On the off chance that your phone is stacking web pages while on Wi-Fi yet not when utilizing your Mobile data or if a few applications and projects appear to have the capacity to associate with the web and work appropriately then take a stab at resetting, clearing, including or changing the phones intermediary or APN settings. Simply Google for APN settings about specific network operator or contact for their support, they’ll send you the correct APN setting for your android device.

8) Turn off radio test

This is the last and advance solution in the case of above listed solutions are not worked for you.
So, Go to dailer pad ( Open the phone system app )
Dial *#*#4636#*#*
Automatically new window will open on screen.
It contains Phone information, usage statistics, WiFi information.
Click on phone informationior TURN OFF RADIO button and click it.
Click on TURN ON RADIO after few seconds.
Turn on data connection after 3-4 seconds, if network available.

Final words

In the wake of attempting the greater part of the recommendations recorded in this guide the Internet on your mobile connection ought to be settled and working appropriately again so appreciate. On the off chance that your phone is as yet having issues interfacing as well as utilizing its mobile data to get to the Internet then while reaching your network operator make a point to get some information about what choices are accessible as you are paying for an service that you are not getting. They ought to have the capacity to give you a few alternatives to settle your internet or furnish you with a working phone.
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