How to stop autodownloading apps in android

Are you victim of auto downloading applications in your android phone ? If yes, then you known well about its concerning. ( Mainly It kills mobile data pack and slow down phone ). Keep reading this article further to keep secure your android phone, If you have not faced this problem yet.
internet is a wide window of global activity and entertainment.

All world loves the internet for their work, entertainment or other many purposes. If you always got online then you must be known well about dangerous things of internet like hacking and other harmful things. If internet is your world then internet is also temple for hackers. Auto downloading unwanted applications in your android is type of phishing where got redirected to fake page. i.e you search for “WiFi hacker”. It will cause if you download an application or other content by visiting unsafe website or app store. You cant feel anything till your phone misbehaves or irritate you. Your smartphone seems to get affected by viruses or malware.

So check following things to keep safe your phone :-

1) Don’t open any email from unknown mailer or don’t open any link in spam mail. i.e. Banking mail

Phishing mail

2) Leave the unsafe website soon, if there opening more than 4 to 5 unrecognised links to another page.

3) Clear the caches and the cookies of your browser on time.

4) Always keep unchecked “unknown source” in Setting — Security. ( Keep it unchecked after finishing your work. i.e installing very important and safe app )

5) Always download apps from trusted app store like Google play store.

Now we’ll move to step of preventive method for auto downloading apps :-

1) Revise recently installed application in your android device and uninstall it . also uninstall auto downloaded applications with it.

2) If cant revise, then go to setting — app manager — downloaded apps section and uninstall all newbie apps.


3) Go to running process section and watch if any application is running suspicious then disable it. i.e uncommon system app

4) usually system apps found 500 KB – 600 KB in size. ( You’ll found it in all apps section )

5) Install addon detector apps. It is new android application which automatically scan and detect addon used by your installed application and clean your smartphone and suggest you to which apps you should not keep on your smartphone.

6) If none of the above options have worked for you connect your device to your computer or take a backup in your smartphone itself and execute a factory reset. To execute a factory rest you need to click on settings — backup & reset. Back up your data first and then reset your smartphone.

Note :- Be careful while doing operation on system applications. If your phone is “in warranty” condition then go to related service center to solve this issue without any cost. (This will take only few minutes)

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