Song is playing instead of downloading ? 100% solution is here !

Song is playing instead of downloading ? :- Today is the special day for Pinky, because she’s becoming nineteen this day. She arranges the party for all friends. For more fun, she thinks to download some DJ remix songs from Chrome browser of her mobile. After selecting the first song to download, it starts playing instead of downloading. She tries again and again, but nothing at success ! Now, you don’t think about next of this story, we are just describing the issue if it is going be like this way. Usually this issue finds in Google chrome browser, Phones Inbuilt browser and sometimes in Firefox browser.

Sometimes,  we have readers keep in touch with us with an extraordinary issue. They are downloading music and videos, animation pictures, however rather than the files downloading, they are consequently opening. In the event that you happen to utilize Google Chrome or other browser as your internet browser and notice this wonder. don’t stress, we are offering some simple steps of help ! There are no special requirements for this guide, all you need is

The Browser, which have downloading issue.

And Internet . If you are unable to connect to internet on your device, then checkout this :- Mobile data connection not working ( Solution )


Mozilla Firefox browser :-

Mozilla Firefox browser is Popular for fast browsing as well as for fast downloading contents. So, To clear the files playing instead of downloading, follow the next steps.

1. In the Firefox URL address bar, enter

about:config & hit for search.


2. Now search for in search box.

3. You can see true below the item’s name; if no, then click on toggle option to look it.

4. Click on it once. Look the true has changed to false.

6. You are done ! Now, whenever you tap on a download link, Firefox will always ask for your action or will starts to download file automatically.


Google chrome or Device browser :-


Google Chrome is One of the most used web browser in the world , however one thing which was making users miserable was that users were unable to download files from google chrome . Now and then same issue found in inbuilt Browser in device. The issue, user were confronting was at whatever point they clicked on any songs, videos, pdf or some other files to download the file starts opening on the web as opposed to Downloading.


Typically we require any external download manager to download files from google Chrome. But today in our guide we will disclose to you a most easy way, which will give you a chance to download any document from google chrome in your phone without utilizing any download manager and without playing the files online .


  1. Hold ( Long press ) on the download link.


2. After holding the download link, you can see following options :-


Open in new tab

Save link

Copy link URL



3. Click on save link.


4. New window will open as follows :-

5. Rename the file and set the location to download.


6. Click on download icon.

Done. File will start to download.


After trying above steps, issue about downloading in browsers will surely clear. If not, you can comment your issue for more help.

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