New whats app features & tricks you might unaware about it & find out quite interesting

New whats app features & tricks :-Whats app messenger is top instant messaging platform loved by millions of the users around the globe. Whats app company was acquired by Facebook, and the messaging app is completely free to use. The popularity of this free messaging app has got the developers to keep upgrading more and more new Whats App features On the off chance that you have all features as of now there, you may not recollect half of them at use. What’s more, in conclusion, each feature is taken off after altogether testing for productivity, data saving and execution.

Until date, WhatsApp has released a lot of new whats app features that you can use at messaging. Aside from messaging highlights, there are a new whats app features and tricks that you will found quite interesting.


List of new whats app features & tricks :-

new whats app features

Create two status easily using shortcut keys

New whats app features are now get revealing after updating whats app. video or photo status are introduced to users by deleting text status feature. After seeing users are not happy with this, They are recently added old text status feature. Now you can show two – two status ( video/ photo and text status ). Also they are added shortcut for status/ message. You can easily monitor who look your status and who is ignoring you and also you can comment on any status, but negative points of this feature is that you can’t save any status photos and Status gets deleted after 24 hours.

Send messages to yourself

Most of times, you have to test a message before sending them out. You can send them to yourself on WhatsApp before sending it to anywhere. To do this, just make a new WhatsApp group, add any contact in it and after that remove him from the group. Presently you are alone from everyone else in that group, and you can send messages there. It is likewise an awesome choice for taking snappy notes.


Disable notifications

You can see all new arrived messages in notification bar, even if you don’t have WhatsApp opened. In any case, however this component, you could have sensitive messages being perused by undesirable components peeping into your phone. To stay away from this, simply go to the phone’s settings and disable notifications for WhatsApp. When it done, WhatsApp won’t demonstrate any new arrived message on your notification bar.


Block spam and unwanted peoples

Don’t public’s your what’s app number to maintain your privacy. Sometimes you get messages from unknown contacts. The sender could be unknown person, or simply spam messages with advertisements and promotions. You can easily expunge  them. Open the unknown message and   Choose any one options as  ‘add to contacts’ or ‘spam’. Confirm your choice and relax.


Save data by Stopping auto download of photos and videos

Whats app automatically download media on any internet connection. Stopping one by one auto downloading of any files in what’s app is not smart work. You can prevent auto downloading of  audios, photos and videos in roaming area or you set it for all time, while using whats app to prevent loss of data. Go to setting > data usage > select your choice.


Read messages without knowing it to sender

When you read a message, sender can aware about it by seeing blue double tick. However, if you don’t want to notice a message you have read to the sender, you can read the message without them knowing it with three simple tricks.

1) If you want to read a message, simply turn off mobile data networks of the phone. Use airplane mode and turn off Wi-Fi. Now, Open WhatsApp, read your message.  close WhatsApp by task killing app and then start your data again.

2)The another simplest trick is to add a WhatsApp Widget on your desktop. If a new message arrives, you can read the whole message without noticing  the sender. Simply scroll the message on the Widget.  if you click on the widget, automatically WhatsApp will open and a blue tick will be noticeable across.

3) Next simplest way is to hold on contact of message and mark as unread. 🙂 that’s it !


Backup and Export all chats and media to email

You can easily backup or export particular chats for safe keeping in any special purpose. Go to chat screen, click on the ‘options’ menu, then ‘more’ and then on ‘email chat’. You able to send the whole chat. Backup it on any whats app supportable device in future. Also you can backup your all chat to Google drive. Just you need to download it, then move it to what’s app folder > data base > paste it there > rename this file by replacing date.


Add shortcuts of individual chats to home screen

This feature has been from old version of whats app to this time on latest versions. If you are constantly chatting with a few friends, or some important contacts and you have wish to response them as quick as possible, you can reduce the time to start WhatsApp and start a conversation. Simply long press on the contact and select ‘Add chat shortcut’ from the menu.

new whats app features


Check how many messages you have received & sent.

You are able to know that,

1) How many messages you have received and sent till date.

2) How many media you received while chatting.

3) How many times you have updated your status.

4) Number of calls you have got outgoing or incoming.

5) and much more statistics.

Go to setting > Data usage > Network usage


Star messages

In this new whats app feature, You can star mark some messages and store them as favourites. Long press on the message in your chat and click on the star icon. These messages will be saved as favourites into the chat itself. These messages will not deleted until you remove its star marking. You can find all star marked messages at one place. Go to menu > starred messages


Change format of text

You can now send messages in bold ,

italics or strikethrough and mono-spaced too. Simply use the special characters before and after the words to get the formatting the text. E.g. :-

1)To Bold the word, use *   (*Bold*)

2) To italics the word, use _ (_italic_) 3) To strikethrough the word, use ~ (~strikethrough~)

4) To mono-spaced the word, use “` (“`Mono-spaced“`)


Send a single message to multiple people at once

Most of time we send greetings to contacts one by one, While good wishing about any festival. You can send single message to multiple contact by broadcasting these contacts. Go to all whats app contact list and hold one contact and select more contacts and make new broadcast. This broadcast list lookalike a group, but can’t rename it or chat like a group.


Search messages

You can quickly search any message within long chats instead of looking for the particular message one by one in all contacts and large groups. Simply click on search icon and type keywords of message you remembered. Whats app will show you all result related to your search term.


Use two or more WhatsApp numbers on one phone

Generally we use two sims on dual sim supported phones. WhatsApp only allows a single number to be used with the app and don’t recognise the other numbers. You cannot use two WhatsApp applications in one phone to run the other one number. There is only option you have to use two WhatsApp applications on the same phone that a thirds party apps. Download parallel space : Multiple accounts app from Google play store.  And run multiple whats app accounts on your phone.

new whats app features


We have included most highlighted new whats app features and tips, tricks in this post. Use these features like a pro. Share it with your friends. Stay tuned for more tips, tricks about tech and earn money tricks. Tell us your interest by liking posts via following listed social icons.

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