is it safe to install custom ROM in android ?

Is it safe to install custom. ROM in android ? :- The sad reality is that most manufacturers and carriers quickly forget about old devices, and cease rolling out updates for them. Now while we understand the economics of the situation–it’s not profitable to pay the hardware company to create new updates and to support legacy phones–we still think it’s a shame that perfectly good phones are so quickly relegated to the support junk bin. We will see some disadvantages of installing custom ROM in this article.

Ask yourself the following questions before installing custom ROM in your Android device.

  • Why you are installing custom ROM in your phone ?
  • The previous version isn’t good of your phone ?
  • Is there any problem to you, if device bricks, with reason “ Process goes wrong while installing ROM. ”
  • Is hardware of device comfortable to chosen custom ROM ?

Here are some disadvantages or lacks of Custom ROMs

Missing of previous cool features :-

New Custom ROM gives you full control of your device in your finger touch, but you will miss the previous features in your device. e.g. Copy-pasting functioning will different than previous version and network management from toggle menu.

Network Problem

Users faces irritation of mobile network after installing custom ROMs, But this problem is depend on the type, developing of Custom ROMs. Choose appropriate ROM and its version for your device. ROM to be suitable for hardware of device. No 4G phones ROM make 4G support to 3G phone, except in rare cases.

Wrong Recovery

Flashing recovery is a first process while installing new custom ROM.
Choose appropriate recovery for particular device to safely install new custom ROM. If you choose wrong recovery, phone will misbehave or brick. You may loss the total functioning of your device.

Voids warrenty

Installing a custom ROM will in most cases void your phone’s warranty, though often the process is reversible, meaning you can turn your phone back to stock as long as it isn’t bricked.
Installing a ROM to your phone requires you to root it first in most cases. While rooting most phones is easy, some phones require a complicated procedure to be followed before you can install a ROM to it and often, such procedures involve a risk of bricking your device if things go wrong.

Loss of data

Installing a custom ROM usually involves wiping your phone to factory settings, so you lose your data and start from scratch. Fortunately, Android’s built-in contact syncing along with apps offering message, call log and app backup/restore make this process easier, letting you retain your data.


Some system app will misbehave. e.g. App unfortunately stopping, Can’t open an specific app, Hanging. This issue are serious in your phone, so try to reinstall custom ROM or try another ROM with better reviews.

Affecting Camera quality :-

After installing custom ROMs in device, user notices the quality of camera clarity and pictures are with huge difference than previous. The functions of Camera app changes after installing custom ROM. This issue is not clearable by rooting or reseting the phone. So, choose best reviewed ROM to pass this issue away from your device.


What should I do ?

If you have Intensify wish to install custom ROMs, then its not a bad idea. Keep in mind the above disadvantages and choose appropriate custom ROM for your device. Custom ROM are better than official ROMs for customizing your phone as you want. Ask to your friends about chosen ROM. The above disadvantages will be different about your android device depend on hardware of device and chosen custom ROM. Backup stock ROM of your phone to any external storage to again back to previous version anytime.

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