How to turn off talkback ? Guide for you with simple steps

How to turn off Talkback :- People who experience serious difficulties the over-burden of information that an advanced cell phone brings to the offer will require some help, and Google gives a truly far reaching set of apparatuses in TalkBack. TalkBack is an Accessibility Service that helps vision-impeded users cooperate with, and appreciate, their smartphone. It utilizes talked word, vibration and other perceptible criticism to tell you what’s on your screen, what you’re touching, and what you can do with it.


Turn off Talkback ?

TalkBack was introduced on your cell phone, when you got it as a major aspect of Google’s Android application suite, and it is routinely refreshed with changes and new elements through Google Play. On the off chance that you needn’t bother with help since you’re not ready to see everything on the screen unmistakably, you’ve most likely never taken a gander at it. That is not really an awful thing, since it wasn’t intended for those of us who can see everything and the setup and choices can befuddle when you see what you need to do and hear how everything functions in the meantime.


Although talkback is a good feature of all screen touch mobile phones even It helps to serve screen touch mobile phones with blind or low vision persons. But it is Skinned when it turns on accidently or with Eagerness. It is not a big problem to pay servicemen for solve this. First time facing to this problem will give you feel like thickhead.  You cant stop Talkback by rebooting your device. You will be unsuccessful. When you reboot your android device, home screen goes to reset. ( Static Home screen)


So you can not able reach at device setting. You cant scroll down or scroll up or slide the screen like you did normally.

So see what you need to do when Talkback turns on accidently or with Eagerness.

In Talkback, First touch tell you about where you have touched on screen. Double touch accesses conformation of your screen touch.

Steps to turn off Talkback :-


1) Ensure your device have multi touch feature. This point is Ignorable, if your phone have not with old version.


2) Use two fingers at one time to slide or scroll the screen up or down.


3) Reach to setting of your device.


4) Scroll down the screen.


5) Tap on Accesibility.


6) Find Talkback at the top of screen.


5) Click on Talkback.


6) Turn off Talkback..! (Double tap on On-Off icon for confirmation )


7) Done. You have succesfully stopped running Talkback.


Note :- Double tap every time for open or confirm menu. We have also shared before solutions on issues like song is playing instead of downloading and can’t sign in to Google apps. Have a look at it.


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