How to earn money by uploading file ?

Who don’t like to earn money by easy way ? Offcourse.. Hardly found these people; who don’t like to earn money by easy ways. People always searches on google about, ” How to earn money online ? Or How to earn money online fast ? ” but no one can find perfect way to earn money online except few guys.

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There are many ways available to earn money without investment when you goes to online, but we cant find them , When we need it.
Now, I am going to tell you the easy way to make some real money online. You may also like it.
Are you heard before about ?
Maybe yes or no.
Ziddu is free cloud storage & digital online wallet. It is an remarkable source for your photos, videos, audios & other files. You can backup your files from anywhere, & also make some money, when your uploaded files download someone.

How to start earning on ziddu ?

1) Register on ziddu with your name , Email id & password at here :-

2) You will get instant 500 points for sign up.
3) Start uploading your files to ziddu’s cloud storage. (File not be downloaded from other site or with copyright issue, or It must be your own property.)
4) Ziddu will generate unique link for your every file.
5) File & its name should be adorable to charm your friend for download it. Share this link to friends or social media.
It pays you 1$ per 1000 downloads of your file and Its minimum payout is 2$ . You can earn 0.10 $ as per reffering your friends. You can withdraw your money through Paypal, Bitcoin, Skrill, Wire transfer & gift vouchers. If you feeling difficult or don’t like to use website.. then you can download Ziddu’s mobile app after registration from here.

You can also access Ziddu’s desktop or iOS app from this link.
Ziddu. com are most reviewed website and very easy to use. When you share your link to friends for download your file. Ziddu don’t annoy your friends by taking Surveys or download apps. You can also try DepositFile, UsersCloud & FileFactory. These websites are best alternatives of Ziddu. Also try them to increase your online income.
Happy earning !

Some ideas for earning on

1) Upload your own pretty edited photos and give it charming title and share it with blur screenshot on any social platform and link it with your Ziddu’s unique link.
2) Upload very helpful own notes and share it with your classmates and suggest them to download it.
3) Create an small e-book with attractive title and upload it to
4) Edit an image and paste your useful tricks, tips and helpful ways on it and give it unique and attractive title.
5) Create any file with fake title and share it. ( This idea will never work longer if you think to use it thrice or forever )
Note :- You can’t make huge money in few days by this method. Don’t make it ‘single’ online job. But it is easy method to earn money. Just set  and get profit !


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