Earn 200rs without doing any work in your amazon wallet.

Hey guys ! We are back with new awesome way to earn 200rs without doing any work. Is it possible to earn money without any work ? Definitely it is possible. There is usually no limit to the ways of money making at online, but most of them require work ( almost hard work or some time wasting also ). Here I will tell you the very easy way to get the reward worths 200rs without doing any work. A small advise that should go without saying that nothing in here to make you rich or give you a best online job without doing anything.

So let’s see this idea to receive your reward worths 200rs. This reward you can only redeem through amazon and shop something cool that you want.



How to earn 200rs without doing any work ?


  1. In this way, you don’t need to do any work just go to Google play store and download “Mobile expression Reward” application, which is less than 100 KB in size. install it from HERE.

2. Open Mobile expression Reward app and register on it.

mobile xpression

3. You are done.

Now you don’t need to complete any tasks like install apps, watch videos and fill the forms etc.

4. All your need is just open this app 1-2 times in a week for some seconds to claim credits.

best wallpapers claim reward

5. After 10 credits you claimed completely, you can send your balance to your amazon wallet through gift voucher code worths 200rs.


What to be remebered ?


( As per their requirement )


Their reward system are different for every country.

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You must be at least 18 years of age and capable of entering into a binding agreement of Mobile Expression Reward.


They does not monitor your phone calls, nor does it record the phone numbers. And no record or see your private conversations.


They records and collects information about users’ mobile data usage. This may include messaging services, mobile web browsing activity, In short, they study your browsing and surfing experience on internet.


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