10 Most useful websites

10 most useful websites :- There are millions of websites are present on internet. Every website have its own unique speciality in world. Here’s we found 10 websites, which may found you most useful. These websites will help you in your daily life with their usefulness. Bookmark or share them with your friends. We will keep adding more websites after founding their usefulness. So checkout this list of most useful websites without spending time.

List of most useful websites


1) Freecycle.org

This website helps you to get free stuff like Television, Mobile, furniture & more from your nearby area. & also you can share your old or not in use stuff in working condition like Television,

Laptop & other stuff for free to this site.

2) Youtubeinmp3.com
What to do if you like a song or voice from video and you want to keep it in your music library ? Youtubeinmp3.com helps you to download video to the highest quality mp3 & ID3. automatically identifies and add. You can customize your download options. ( Video to mp3 direct download)
3) Zoom.it
This website helps you to view very high resolution images in your browser. Its cool, isn’t it ?
4) Ctrlq.org/screenshots/
Online tool that captures the webpage on your browser without using your keyboard. Save it in your storage.
5) Privnote.com
It allows to write private notes to someone that will destroys itself once he/ she read it. You don’t need to Beseech to say delete this note to anyone.
6) GIFyoutube.com
It converts YouTube videos to GIF files. Easy to use & works automatically.
7) Printfriendly.com
All website not will be print friendly. But printfriendly.com helps you to print any webpage in suitable form for print.
8) Superlogout.com
Just open this site & you will be logged out all accounts instantly in your browser. Its very useful, isn’t it ?
9) Duckduckgo.com
A search engine, which do not track you for anything. Or not follows you.
10) Justdelete.me
Online collection of links to delete your profile from listed websites.

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